Passionate about trees 

and people cohabitating

Where we work

Urban centres

  • Town and city centres
  • Streets
  • Parks
  • Playgrounds
  • Carparks
  • Industrial areas and commercial estates


Residential properties

  • Large residential estates to small residential units
  • Confined spaces
  • Around greenhouses and garden structures
  • Around delicate and designer gardens
  • Powerlines and phonelines
  • Steep areas and properties with tricky access
  • Boundary work and neighbouring trees


Rural areas

  • Lifestyle blocks
  • Farms
  • Stream sides
  • River edges
  • Reserves and regional parks
  • Rest areas
  • Bridal areas (horse tracks)
  • Hill country
  • Tree clearance for removal of telecommunications signal interference
  • Shelter belt restoration and removal
  • Rural roadsides

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