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Hedges & Shelter Belts

Hedge Formation & Management

Hedges need constant maintenance, so getting the foundations right is very important as to make it easier to maintain. Whether it is starting the hedge out, or re-hedge forming, we can set the program up that is best for you, and put it on our rotation schedule of hedges so it does not get let go.


We have the skills to form hedges that are either regimented or informal.


With boundary work and neighbouring trees we specialise in being able to communicate and negotiate with neighbours.



Shelter Belt Formation & Management

Habitat Tree Surgeons create, maintain and restore rural and residential shelter belt of all sizes and types.


We can work in coalition with a roadside cutter (tractor mounted specialist hedge trimmer).


We tidy up all debris next the roadside, and can facilitate traffic control.


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Pruning HedgesShelter belt correction