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Correcting Problem Trees

Problem Solving

We find custom solutions for your tree problems.


Through analyzing the facts we invariably develop several solutions for any given tree problem, and empower you with knowledge to make an informed decision that gives the best results - taking into consideration your budget, timelines, investment requirements, personal preferences, and any other factors.



Extreme Cases

  • Wind thrown trees on houses and property
  • Storm damaged trees
  • Removing hazardous hang-ups (other trees)
  • Insurance work
  • Difficult situations involving neighbour and boundary conflicts


Typical Cases

  • Thinning dense trees - increasing sunlight & views
  • Tree reduction for increases space
  • Tree topping (when necessary)
  • Retrieving / reshaping shelter trees & tree belts


Experience of Problem Trees & Situations

We have close to 20 years on arboriculture experience, and have encountered many and varied tree problems and situation. With that experience comes a intuitive response to any tree problem that arises.


We back ourselves to find the right tree solution for you.

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Fixing Storm Damaged TreesTree with storm damage

Storm damage removed