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Pruning & Tree Reduction

Correct pruning maintains general tree health and structural integrity. Using only professional tree care specialists to help you plan, develop, install and care for your trees will ensure their continued health and value.


Habitat Tree Surgeons are experts in pruning and tree reduction in all urban and rural situations. We service Wellington, Porirua, Kapiti, Levin, Lower Hutt and Upper Hutt wide.



Form Pruning

Form Pruning is basically taking any unnecessary growth and dead wood out of a tree. Doing this brings the glory of the tree out, enabling you to see the upper canopy, also seeing the strength and power of the wood, bark, branches, limbs, wood structures and foliage.



Dead Wooding

Dead Wooding goes hand in hand with form pruning, as far as visual goes, but it is also good for the trees health, because the tree is trying to heal and push the dead wood. The dead wood may be infested with bugs or fungus, so cutting it off at the collar gives it a helping hand.



Crown Lifting

Crown Lifting is the pruning off the lower branches giving more room and light for other plants, enabling pedestrian or vehicle clearance.



Thinning for Light

Thinning for Light is form pruning, dead wooding and crown lifting combined, but with the added extra of thinning the entire canopy to allow 200% to 400% more light to come through.



Directional Pruning

Directional Pruning is done to prune and train limbs and branches away from structures, power lines etc.



Pruning View Windows In Tree

Pruning View Windows In Tree is a cost effective way of retrieving a view. See the tree not as an obstacle to the view, but as a part or frame of the view.



Tree Reduction

Tree Reduction is not recommended but sometimes necessary. If the tree has been topped and cannot be removed for various reasons, there is no option but to keep it going. We usually recommend a form prune to clear the way, then a tree reduction (basically topping, but done with method in the madness), and then usually annually, alternating form pruning and tree reduction.



Epicormic Sprouts

Epicormic Sprouts are buds that are forced to grow due to a branch being removed or if the tree is under stress through drought, wind or disease etc. After tree surgery has taken place it is not unusual for to grow near and around the cuts. You can just rub these off with your hand if you get to them early enough, or cut them off, or wait till you get us back again. We always love to come back, and see how our work with the tree is holding out, see the difference in the gardens with more light and room, and see the gardeners touch.


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