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Ongoing Tree Maintenance

"Healthy, well maintained trees add 10-20% to the value of a property. Disfigured trees are considered an impending expense" ... International Society of Arboriculture.

  • Removal of worry on an ongoing basis
  • Keeping property investment looking its best
  • Visual inspections on other work that needs doing
  • Maintaining hedge health, vigour, structure and shape
  • Epicormic shoot removal
  • Specimen tree inspection and maintenance
  • Tree windows and views kept open
  • Ongoing environment checks to retain specimen tree health (managing peripheral trees shading specimen trees etc)

Habitat Tree Surgeons are experts in maintaining and shaping trees in all urban and rural situations. We service Wellington, Porirua, Kapiti, Levin, Lower Hutt and Upper Hutt wide.

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Tree pruning and maintenance